Did you get a pet as a gift this Christmas? Here’s advice from some pet experts

  • Getting a pet as a gift can come with some new responsibilities. Dogtopia dog day care center and the Nebraska Humane Society have some suggestions.
  • For new pet owners who are unable to fully commit to an animal, there are some rehoming options available.
  • The video shows the dogs interacting with each other and the dogs looking for adoption.

Broadcast Transcript:

Picture this: It’s Christmas and you end up with a little pet like it under your tree with a note that says he’s for you…interesting right? But once the reality sets in that there is a lot that goes into caring for a pet, some may not be ready for the responsibility. So, if you’ve ended up with a pet this holiday season, here’s what you can do to make sure they’re taken care of moving forward.

It all starts with the essentials that Nebraska Humane Society trainer Cathy Guinan knows.

“Like bowls and leashes and collars and a kennel, some blankets, you know some of the necessities a dog should have.”

And just like humans, pets need routine.

“They just need to know when they eat and where they eat — where their food bowl is going to be, and their water. How do they go outside? How do they — where is playtime, where are their toys?” “

It can be a lot to handle as a first-time pet owner, but Dogtopia General Manager Stephanie Vaughn says doggy day care and a few other activities can help ease some of the stress.

“Park the dog, take them to places where they can meet other dogs – they get all the stimulation. Dog classes, I highly recommend.”

As for preparing your home: “It’s like baby-proofing your home, you have to have everything — I mean, they’re just like kids who get into everything. There are, they’re a full-time job,” Stephanie said.

But sometimes, it’s not a task that every new owner is ready for.

If you find yourself unable to fully commit to a new pet, there are some rehoming options.

“Number one, talk to your friends. Talk to the people you work with because a lot of times it’s not a conversation, and some people are looking for another animal,” Cathy said.

“Some people will be able to help you take it for a while and maybe talk to the person who gave it to you.”

Other options include joining local Facebook rehoming groups or using a rehoming website like Home to Home, which you can find on the Nebraska Humane Society’s webpage.

If you’re considering giving a pet as a gift for any occasion, pet experts say to make sure it’s not a complete surprise and that owners are fully committed to caring for their new friend. Are ready.

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