Dental health is just as important to Northeast Florida pets as it is to people

Since 1946, St. Augustine Humane Society It has gone from sheltering animals in a small wooden house to providing medical services in a modern veterinary facility. A new mission was created in 2008. A program that will fulfill our promise to pet owners by creating programs that directly prevent pets from being needlessly abandoned at shelters.

Our main goal here is to ensure that all pets have access. Quality veterinary care, preventing overpopulation and animal suffering. One way we achieve this is by raising funds to help pets in need, and our annual Share the Love auction does just that.

While your annual dental exam may seem like a routine task, it’s not so easy for dogs and cats. Even the best pet parents may not realize the critical importance of dental health for their companions. When pets don’t get regular dental care, big problems — and costs — can arise.

of the St. Augustine Humane Society this February Share the love auction. Recognizes National Pet Dental Health Month By raising money to help animals with important dental procedures. From Friday, January 19, through Saturday, February 10, many exclusive items, experiences, services and more will be available for auction.

We recognize that for some families, the services their pets need can really add up and exceed their financial capabilities. That’s where we can step in and offer some much-needed assistance. All proceeds raised through the Share the Love auction directly benefit the pets who need the most care.

Here at the St. Augustine Humane Society, we work tirelessly to ensure that all pets live safe, happy and healthy lives and that pet owners have the tools and education to build lasting relationships with their animals. exists, which will reduce the risk of them ending up in shelters. Or on the streets? The goal of the St. Augustine Humane Society’s Dental Health Program is to provide life-saving dental care to animals who need it most.

Dental problems are on the rise in pets, with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats showing signs of periodontal disease by age 3. Just as they do for humans, These diseases can cause serious problems.It not only damages the teeth, roots, mouth and gums but also the vital organs including the kidneys and heart. Proceeds from the Share the Love auction are used to help dogs and cats in need of dental surgeries and procedures that are important and in some cases life-saving.

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We want all pet stories to be success stories. Sharing the Love Auction is a wonderful way to help. In past years, the auction has included jewelry, gift certificates, experiences like golfing and dining, vacations and more. Bidders can snag a great Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one or yourself while giving the gift of health to an animal in need. This is truly a win-win.

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Carolyn Sandad Smith, Executive Director, St. Augustine Humane Society

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