December 12, 2023 Pets of the week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Looking for a new pet? Watch News2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.


Dawn is a super cute, super smart puppy ready to find her forever home! She is potty trained and already knows many of her basic commands like sit, stay and down. Dawn loves to play with her toys and makes many friends with other dogs and people. He is about two years old and weighs 45 pounds. E-mail


Melody is great with other dogs, loves to snuggle and go on all kinds of adventures. She is an intelligent girl who does well in her crate, and with some consistency, she gets her house and manners right. Maloney will definitely win you over with those golden eyes and big ears. E-mail


Marby is energetic, curious and ready to make lifelong friends. She likes to pretend she’s a lap dog, and loves to give endless kisses. Marby is good on a leash and already knows how to “sit” and is eager to learn new commands. She is almost two and a half years old and weighs 48 pounds. E-mail

The spots

Speckles’ smile is as big as his personality! This girl likes to spend a lot of time outside and explore all over her neighborhood. He is friendly and enjoys getting some snuggles throughout his day. Speckles is about three years old and weighs 50 pounds. E-mail


Tinsel is a senior looking for the perfect family to join this holiday season. She likes to keep an eye on the cat adoption room, getting a good look at each visitor. Tinsel takes her time getting to know new people, but once you’re in her good graces she makes a great connection. He is about 10 years old and weighs nine pounds. E-mail

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