Dear Bootsy and Earl Grey: Huntington Adoptable Pets of the Week

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. — Bootsy and Earl Gray, 8-month-old brothers, are the Grateful Paw Cat Shelter’s Huntington Pets of the Week.

Debbie Larkin, the shelter’s president, said the brothers arrived in the family’s backyard as cat lovers.


“They dragged their sister with them and decided that the house they came to would be their last destination,” Larkin said. “No one is quite sure where they came from but their human family made sure they weren’t leaving.”

The shelter received a call about a young female black kitten that appeared to be a litter that needed a safe place to go back in November. According to Larkin, this became the refuge. Sally arrived at the shelter after being checked out by the shelter’s in-house veterinarian and was placed in the kitten room awaiting her forever home. She is still waiting for her forever home but she is going to be reunited with her brothers.

“Earl Gray (his color speaks for itself) is a handsome boy with eyes like yellow marble,” Larkin said. “He is very curious and smart, not afraid of loud noises or water. His favorite toys are fountains, fast balls and boxes, until he sees your shoelaces. is in attack mode… especially if you’re trying to get away from him.”

Earl Gray likes to sleep in human beds and lies horizontally when everyone else lies vertically. He loves to clean and loves his catnip toy. Instead of meowing, she chirps to get someone’s attention. He also likes to pet other cats in the house and will pet them too if allowed by humans.

Bootsy is a dark tabby with symmetrical markings. Of course he has white shoes on his feet. According to Larkin, he is also very curious and sometimes too smart for his own good. His favorite toy is balls on a track, which he spins so fast that they almost fly into outer space. He prefers fresh hemp plants to the dried version. Bootsy also likes to sleep in human beds, but prefers to tuck under the covers but only after a belly rub.

“The Lion King” is his favorite movie and he sits mesmerized in front of the television.

“He’s a human shadow and will always bring you a gift, and if you forget to see him or aren’t paying attention, he’ll tap your leg or the floor in front of you to get your attention. will tap!” Larkin said. “He also chirps like a bird instead of meowing.”

Both boys are currently in a foster home — the home they arrived at — and will be examined by the shelter’s veterinarian next week. At that time, they will receive all their vaccinations, deworming, be checked for parasites and fleas, tested for FELV and FIV and neutered. His sister, Sally, tested negative for FELV and FIV, so Larkin said the shelter was “not worried.” They are already litter box trained.

Larkin said he will arrive in Grateful Paw on Wednesday, Feb. 21 and will be available for adoption at that time.

If you are interested in meeting Bootsy and Earl Gray, you can call the shelter at 631-757-4517, email, visit the Facebook page or Grateful Paw Can go to Cat Shelter.

The rescue is at 3 Verleye Ave., East Northport and visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

The shelter is open Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. only for those who can’t make it during the day.

They won’t be at the shelter for its Valentine’s Day adoption event on Sunday, Feb. 11, from noon to 4 p.m., but the shelter’s photo board will have pictures and information about Bootsy and Earl Gray, and it will be available before the adoption. Will interview. Larkin said the form for the time they both arrived.

“These bonded boys would love to be able to join your family and show you how cute and playful they are and how they can bring so much joy into your lives..and they will love you.” Would also love to see your sister Sally.”

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