Coral Island: How to Adopt a Pet

If becoming an animal parent makes your home in Coral Island much more lively, here’s how to adopt your first pet.

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Animals are a delightful part of it. Coral Island. But the game’s focus extends to allowing you to adopt them as pets. If you haven’t yet welcomed your first pet into your virtual home, this guide is made for you. It outlines the essential steps you need to take to become the proud parent of a dog, cat, rabbit, or even lizard. The good news is that Adoption of pets Coral Island is a straightforward process and can be accomplished early in the game. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Adopt a Pet in Coral Island

How to adopt a pet in Coral Island

After reaching Town Rank E, head to the Community Center. Buy a pet house. Once you have placed a pet on your farm.You can go to an animal shelter — at a community center — and adopt your first pet.

  • Reach town rank E.. Full Temple Offeringsdonate valuables to the museum, or repair polluted parts of the island to earn this status.
  • Buy a pet bed or house.. The Community Center is in the center of the map, slightly northeast of your farm. Enter the building and talk to the counter on the left to buy a house or a bed.
  • Place the pet house on your farm. Treat it like home. Any other furniture. Keep it in a comfortable and good place for your pet.
  • Return to the Community Center.. After the pet house is set, go back to the animal shelter, and from the counter, select “Adopt a Pet”.
  • Wait until your pet arrives.. It takes about a day to deliver your pet to the community center.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet house you buy. All of them are compatible with available animals.

How many pets can you adopt?

List of pets in Coral Island.

unfortunately, You can only adopt one pet.. Even more frustrating is that you can’t change your choice of pet. Future updates may increase the range or introduce the option to switch between different animals. However, until then, you should choose your pet wisely, as it will be your companion for the rest of the game.

How many pets do you have?

Luak in Coral Island

Coral Island Is 20 pets: Nine cats, eight dogs, two rabbits, and one lizard. Animal shelters have no requirements for adopting any of them. However, you should stick to your initial choice. So, it’s best to take your time, play the game for a while, and when you’re sure, choose to get your first—and only—pet.

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