Colorado cemetery accused of mishandling pet remains

Larimer County, Colo. — Two northern Colorado veterinarians are suing a pet cemetery, claiming it billed them for cremation services that were not provided and when a “mass burial” was performed. Animals were buried in mass graves if requested.

Precious Memories Pet Cemetery & Crematory, Inc. contracted with Edwards Veterinary Care for cremation services since July 2013. Western Skies started its connection in October 2019 with Precious Memories.

The two no longer work with the cemetery and are suing it and about 50 unidentified parties who may have worked for the business.

The lawsuit, filed on Friday. Larimer County District Courthas alleged that Fort Collins-based Precious Memories advertised pet cremation and cremation services on its website and claimed that all cremations were private and that the remains were returned to the clinic or owner unless No other arrangements should be made.

According to the suit, the standards of practice for pet funerals define a “private funeral” where only a pet is cremated by itself. The lawsuit alleges that Precious Moments actually provides “discrete” funerals. This is when multiple pets are cremated and cremated at the same time with some separation between them.

It also accused Precious Memories of disposing of animals on land or burying animals in mass graves when a general mass burial was requested.

The two vets also claim in the lawsuit that they were billed for paw prints that were not provided for the specific animal. The alleged fraud was discovered around September 2022, the lawsuit says. Both companies say the fraud has affected their business and reputation and are seeking financial damages through litigation.

9NEWS has reached out to the owner of the pet crematorium but has not heard back.

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said it was not aware of any complaints about the business and said an initial search did not turn up any criminal cases associated with the Treasured Memories address.

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