Cold weather KC pet project over capacity, dogs at risk

Kansas City, Mo. – A Kansas City animal shelter is sounding the alarm as cold weather fills their four walls with four-legged friends.

The Kansas City Pet Project said staff took in 40 dogs Wednesday. The shelter is now at capacity. She said if some dogs can’t find new homes, the KC Pet Project can force them to.

Fugate said the shelter is in crisis mode because of the high number of calls and pets — with fewer adoptions due to the cold temperatures.

“We’re at capacity. We have a lot of dogs that are potentially at risk of euthanasia just because we’re so full. So we’re asking our community to help us.” Fugate said.

“The last thing we want to do is jostle for space, but as a city shelter we have to have open kennels for all these dogs to come in.”

While 3-month-old Freckles is just a puppy, the other puppies have been at the shelter for more than 30 days.

Fugate said the harsh winter weather is causing more pet use. Now, every kennel is full.

“Our phones are ringing off the hook with people who are concerned about the animals that are out there and rightfully so,” Fugate said.

“These temperatures are very, very dangerous. They can be very dangerous for animals. If they don’t have adequate shelter to get in and out of these elements, animals can die in these extreme temperatures. “

The shelter receives hundreds of calls every day about dogs being neglected and left in the freezing cold.

“In the first 18 days of January, we saw a 173 percent increase in common neglected calls compared to the entire month of December,” Fugate said.

Fugate said he had 89 cases in December and has worked on 250 cases so far this year.

In the past two weeks, Fugate said officers have served four warrants with 10 animals, keeping them out in the cold.

“We expect calls to continue to increase, especially with this cold weather we’re going to see this weekend, with possible snow,” Fugate said. “Every time that happens, it goes up. So bring your pets in if you can.

The KC Pet Project has some specials on pets. If you want to adopt a furry friend, Visit their website here..

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