Cold weather animal protection to protect your pets

Jackson, Tenn. — With temperatures expected to drop below zero, Animal Services of Jackson says to keep in mind that pets are not designed to survive in these conditions. Animal Services is asking everyone to bring their animals inside if possible, and make sure they have ventilated and waterproof shelters.
Blankets won’t work as bedding, they say, because they get wet and then freeze, and every shelter needs to be lined with straw to protect your pet from the bitter cold. Is.

“We offer free straws to anyone in Madison County who might not be in a financial position where they can’t afford to buy one for themselves. We’ll give it to you. We have a very generous donor who has donated to any death. paid for dozens of bales of straw to stop,” said Whitney Owen. Owen is director of animal services for the city of Jackson.

Keep in mind that proper shelter and straw won’t put puppies, of any breed, at risk for the cold, she says. Owen says all dogs should be brought inside during cooler temperatures.
If you are aware of a dog within city limits that is at risk due to the upcoming freezing temperatures, you are urged to reach out to Animal Services to assist the owner in providing better care. can help

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