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One of the things I really love is seeing the pictures people post of their pets at Christmas. I especially love group photos with pets included as part of the family. (After all, a pet is — or should be — part of the family, right?)

If you’re going to dress up your pet for a photo, make sure it’s wearing something comfortable. A fussy, uncomfortable pet will not take a good photo. It can be as simple as a neck scarf or a bow, something that will distract the animal.

A friend has a tripod for his phone that allows him to take great photos. He sets the lens with a wide angle, then edits the image down to remove any extra background from either side. Holding it on a tripod keeps the phone stable, so all he has to do is make sure his best friend is in the right place with his two kids and wife.

He hangs one of his dog’s favorite toys from the tripod that holds the phone. He can touch it to give it a little movement, then hold his pet and take a picture – several times, just to make sure he gets a good shot.

One year everyone in the family wore a red Santa hat, including the dog! He made a great photo, but he admits it took several tries before he got a shot of everyone looking at the camera. He even got his cat in the picture one year, wearing a red bow around his neck. Cats aren’t the most cooperative photography subjects, so it took several attempts (okay, many attempts) before he got a shot he liked.

The most important thing you need when photographing a pet is patience! Your dog (or cat) may not understand that you want them to sit still, be cute, and look at the camera. But if you do manage to get one or more photos of your friend, you can post them on social media so your friends can see that you’re sharing Christmas with your best friend, while you pet. Animals are talking!


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