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Kristen Levine, author of “Pampered Pets on a Budget,” has devoted more than 25 years to making the world a better place for her furry friends.

Now, Kristen is excited to share her top picks for pet gifts with fellow pet parents who want nothing but the best for their beloved family members.

Kristen is here for the holiday season to offer timely suggestions for gifts that can enhance the bond between people and their pets.

Tune in to discover the latest issues and trends affecting pets and their devoted owners, and learn why people who value their animal companions live longer, healthier lives.

Kristen’s Perfect Pet Gift Guide includes options from a wide selection of pet toys to products that promote your pet’s eyes, ears and overall health.

In addition, she will introduce specially designed detergents for pet parents that remove pet hair and fight odor, making pet ownership even more enjoyable.

Don’t miss Kristen’s insights and recommendations for a happier, healthier life with your furry friends.

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