Christmas 2023: 10 gift ideas for your pet

5 Common Cognitive Distortions: Therapist Explains

Cognitive distortions refer to irrational thinking patterns that occur during the onset of certain psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression. “As humans we like to think that we apply pure logic and control many outcomes in life. But in reality we are often guilty of cognitive distortions. These are thought patterns that are based on reality or facts. No. They distort reality,” wrote psychologist Alf Lokkertsen.

Published on 22 Dec 2023 02:46 PM IST

Year End 2023: Biggest Natural Disasters This Year

In 2023, major natural disasters hit the world, from Hurricane Otis hitting Mexico to devastating floods in Libya and an earthquake in Morocco. China experienced severe flooding, and Turkey suffered major earthquakes. Here are the biggest natural disasters of the year.

Published on 22 Dec 2023 01:09 PM IST

Learning to Grow Up: A Therapist Shares Tips

As we grow up, there are certain learnings and beliefs that we need to let go of. Therapist Sadaf wrote, “You are not responsible for the unhealthy behaviors you were taught as a child, but as an adult, you are responsible for unlearning the beliefs that make you a safe person and preventing from becoming a partner”. Here are some things to learn as a Siddiqui adult.

Published on 22 Dec 2023 12:55 PM IST

Aditi Rao Hydari’s royal style in a stunning Sabyasachi saree radiates royalty

Aditi Rao Hydari is a total stunner who can rock any look to perfection. The stunning actress is known for her classy and elegant dressing. Be it a sartorial saree or a chic jumpsuit, they add a touch of personal flair and can glam up any outfit. Aditi is quite active on social media and her Insta diary, filled with stunning ethnic looks, serves as a treasure trove of fashion inspiration for the wedding season. Her latest look in a breathtaking saree oozing with Indian princess vibes is no exception and is sure to make an impact in your wardrobe.

Published on 22 Dec 2023 10:21 AM IST

Christmas 2023: 10 Christmas traditions from around the world

If you think that Christmas is the same all over the world, think again because depending on which part of the world you have already booked your tickets to, you will want to be a part of the festivities because Christmas Local traditions vary around the world. . Before Christmas 2023, check out the Christmas traditions followed by the Christian community around the world.

Published on 22 Dec 2023 07:00 AM IST

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