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The Ultimate Spiritual Experience for Your Pet: Holistic Veterinary Healing

Dog Acupuncture? Cat chiropractic adjustment? Pet Reiki? Turns out these holistic behaviors aren’t just for humans—sometimes our furry friends need them, too. Enter Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, which offers more than a dozen holistic procedures (as well as traditional medical services) that treat senior pets, pets with behavioral problems, or intervertebral disc disease, arthritis, cancer, May be beneficial for pets suffering from an infectious disease. disease or kidney disease, says Dr. Deborah Malo, a veterinarian with a Germantown practice. According to Malo, acupuncture is the most popular of their holistic services. It helps pets relax, can improve blood flow and reduce the side effects of medications. Need we say more?

12627 Wisteria Drive, Suites C & D, Germantown,

Best Dog ‘Ice Cream’: Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream

Yes, it’s the middle of winter, but we have a feeling your furry friend won’t turn down a “Pup Cup” of Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream just yet. Co-owner Sarah Park says the treatment was among the first products offered at the opening of the River Road store in March 2019. It was important to Park that her ice cream shop “have something for the whole family”—pets included—and she was making ice cream at home for her daughter’s dog, so she “Had already perfected the recipe for a picker-dog,” she says. Pup Cups are made with human-grade ingredients and are pumped three times a week to ensure freshness. They contain all organic ingredients, including pumpkin puree, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, local honey and beef liver (all recommended separately by the park’s family veterinarian for various health benefits, she says. have done). The $4.39 cups are prepackaged in individual plastic cups and ready to grab and go from the freezer. They are one of the company’s most popular items year round. According to the park, about 500 pup cups are dropped each month during peak season. And, here’s the scoop: Look for a third Sarah’s Handcrafted location to open at Fallsgrove in Rockville in late January.

5241 River Road, Bethesda; 10219 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda,

Best place to get kids’ ears pierced: Tattoo Paradise

Rachel Tullia, a piercer at Tattoo Paradise in Rockville, has heard horror stories of kids getting their ears pierced and never healing properly, or of being scared and unprepared and going through with it. She wants a different experience for everyone who comes to her studio, especially for the under 12s. Tulia, who has been at it for nine years, will pierce children as young as 4, but they must be able to give their consent and be willing to pierce them without parental pressure or bribery. She says she pierces about 30 to 40 children’s ears every month, with humor, patience and gentleness. Prices start at an $80 piercing fee for children 12 and under. Jewelry ranges from $30 to $130.

15877 Redland Road, Rockville,

Best Baby Shower Gift: Lulu and Pepe Dolls Co.

Clarksburg-based Lulu and Pepe Dolls Co. Offering only adorable cloth dolls that will be passed down from generation to generation. Moms and tykes alike love these unique handmade bunnies, lambs and other whimsical creatures snuggled up in their cozy doll beds. Depending on size, dolls run from $12 to $35, while custom orders can cost $125. Many smaller heirlooms have embroidered eyes instead of plastic, keeping children’s safety in mind. Owner Kathy Tran made her first doll in 2019 for her niece’s first birthday, and Lulu and Pepe Dolls Co. It became official in 2022. Find Tran’s creative creations on Etsy, on social media, at Gaithersburg’s Locally Crafted Shop and at local markets.

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