Cheyenne Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets – January 11, 2024 | Lifestyle


I’m Tewksbury – Looking for the most pouffect cuddle buddy in town? Tewkesbury is your man! This cute, sweet, adorable boy is ready to find a loving family to join. Tewksbury loves to go for walks and, when the weather isn’t cooperating, he’ll sit on the couch. While this guy can be a little shy in new surroundings, once he adjusts, Tewksbury comes right out of his shell! Tewkesbury is ready to give that special someone endless and unconditional love, so visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet them today!

Perry the adoptable dog


I’m Perry – Meet Perry! Perry is a big man who loves and loves and loves. This 2-year-old Labrador retriever mix is ​​always happy to go on long walks or fetch tennis balls in the backyard. Perry likes to play with other big dogs but can be too energetic for small boys. We recommend Perry for use in households with children 40 lbs and older. With a little love and gentle training, Perry is ready to be a great companion. Swing by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet this cutie today!

Darla the adoptable dog


I’m Darla – Darla is the cutest lady looking for her home! Darla is a 5-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier/Rottweiler mix that is sure to bring a smile to your face. She is quite expressive with her short orange eyebrows and loves to socialize with her favorite humans. Darla loves to go on adventures, so we recommend you keep an eye on her when she’s out and about. If you are in need of a sweet, loving dog, head to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet Darla today!

Munchkin Adoptable Cat.


I’m Munchkin – Munchkin is an adorable kitty looking for a loving retirement home! Munchkin joined us with his brother Monster and would love to be together in a new home. These two love treatments, sunbathing, and chin scratches! Want to make monster and munchkin dreams come true? Swing by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet them today!

Ghetto Adoption Cat


I’m Gato – Meet Gato, a cute black cat who loves to snack. Despite having a unique folded ear, the Gato will happily chat with you throughout the day and make a great listener. Gato would love to join a home where he can spend the day on your lap and snooze with treats galore. Visit Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet this handsome boy today!

Ayana the adoptable cat


I’m Ayana – Ayana may be shy, but a few chin scratches will give you the key to her heart! This 8-year-old female loves to be loved and, once she trusts you, will give you unconditional loyalty. His sweet, gentle nature makes him a great pawfoot companion! Swing by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet Ayana today!

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