Cheyenne Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets – February 8, 2024 | Lifestyle


I’m Hina – Meet Hina, a young puppy with a heart full of love. Hanna is desperately looking for her family to live in, a home where she can feel safe, supported and loved. Although Hina has a bit of a problem, her gentle nature makes her the perfect companion for someone who understands the importance of patience. With Hanna by your side, you’ll see how this shy dog ​​can grow into a confident little lady. Visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to meet this sweet girl today!

Walnut adoption dog


I’m Walnut – Walnut is a big bouncy ball of love looking for a best friend! After some treats and belly rubs, the walnut will be implanted in your side. She is currently working on her manners and sits down quickly when asked. Unfortunately, Walnut is a bit too excitable when it comes to cats, so we recommend that he joins a household without small pets. Walnuts would love to join a home that will provide opportunities to sharpen their structure and train them. If you think you can crack that nut, head over to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, and meet him today!

Zazu Adoption Dog


I’m Zazu – Meet Zazu, a cute boy with a smile brighter than the sun! Zazu loves to play with his toys, take long walks, and cuddle with his favorite people. As a lover of treats, Zazu will happily show off his good boy vibes! This 1-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier is wonderful with children. However, we recommend that Zazu join a home without small pets as he is quite interested in them. If you need a big, cute dog, Zazu is your guy! So, head over to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet this sweet boy today!

Negan adopted cat


I’m Negan – Negan might just be the biggest cuddle bug in the entire state of Wyoming! Negan came to us from Casper to find his next snuggle friend. This 1-year-old tabby will happily share her loving personality for a few chin scratches and nose kisses. Negan will appreciate the slow introduction to the new animal friends but can’t wait to settle into the new home. Head to Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet the cutest cat in town!

Spira Adoptable Cat


I’m Spira – Spira is a curious cat who prefers to do things at her own pace. This 2-year-old tabby loves to cuddle in your ear and talk happily all day long. Sephira prefers the spotlight to herself, so we recommend moving her to a home where she can be the only fur baby around. If Saphera sounds like your pawfect match, visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet her today!

Gravy is an adoptable cat.


I’m Gravy – Little Gravy is looking for a new home to seize the day! This sweet girl loves nothing more than a fresh bowl of food. Although Grevy may take a minute to warm up to new people, once she settles into a new environment, Grevy’s personality lights up! Don’t worry, she won’t leave your lap empty for long! Swing by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to meet this fluffy girl today!

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