Cheyenne Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets – December 22, 2023 | Lifestyle


Meet Dennis, the charming and lively companion you’ve been looking for! Dennis loves nothing more than playing with his favorite toys like stuffies and tennis balls. His enthusiasm for treatment knows no bounds, and he will do anything to earn one. With his goofy and cute smile, Dennis is sure to capture your heart in an instant. However, he would prefer to join a household without other pets as he prefers to have the spotlight to himself. If you are looking for a furry friend who brings endless joy and fun, Dennis is the perfect match for you. So head over to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet Dennis today!

Walnut adoption dog


Walnut is a big bouncy ball of love! This 3-year-old mixed breed dog is ready to be your best friend. While she may not be a big fan of cats, Walnut certainly makes up for it with her kisses and cuddles. Walnut has lived with children before and loves hanging out with other dogs. She is also working on her manners and sits down quickly when asked. If you need a pawfect companion, visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet one today!

Lomi adoptable dog


Lomi is a beautiful lady looking for a gentle home to retire to. This senior girl and her friend Rudge (a fellow adoptable dog) would love to find a sofa big enough for the two of them. Although she may be a little on the safe side, Lumi gives the best cuddles in all of Cheyenne! Loomi is quite well behaved, house trained, and would love nothing more than to find a home for the holidays. Swing by Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet this fluffy lady today!

Anise Adoptable Cat

Fennel Seed

Sweet Nine is a beautiful boy who needs a little extra love to come out of his shell. We can tell this kitty is going to be a big snuggle bug when he gets comfortable! Ines has lived with other cats before and may enjoy hanging out with a feline sibling and playing with her during the day. Ready to help Ines come out of her shell? Meet this sweet boy at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter today!

Geronix Jungle Adoption Cat

Geronix Forest

Meet Geronix Jungle, a sweet and charming boy who is desperately looking for his family. With his bright face and playful personality, Geronix is ​​sure to win your heart! This cutie can’t wait to bring holiday cheer to your home and become a beloved family member. Don’t miss out on this delightful feline! Swing by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet Jeronicus Jangle today!

Sophie the adoptable cat


Sophie is a beautiful girl who needs a perfect home! This cute girl loves attention and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, especially when she’s hugging. With all that fluff, Sophie would love to have someone ready to give her a good brushing and some treats before she naps with you for the evening. Sophie is ready to find her forever home, so head over to Cheyenne Animal Shelter and meet this beautiful lady today!

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