Celine just dropped a new collection of luxury pet accessories – Rob reports

Celine It’s taking extra steps to make sure your pooch is best dressed at the park.

The French fashion house recently unveiled a new collection of premium dog accessories that will make your four-legged friend the envy of others. Celine creative director Heidi Slimane originally started designing pet accessories for her dog, Elvis. After unveiling the inaugural line of petwear last year, the house has followed up with a fresh seasonal collection.

Leveraging Celine’s leatherworking expertise, the range showcases supple suede and smooth calfskin. Some pieces are even crafted from the famous Triomphe canvas because, well, dogs appreciate a sturdy yet stylish material too.

With prices ranging from $120 to $3,250, these pieces run the gamut from leashes and collars to dog carriers and waste bags. There are also some items for cats, just in case you’re more feline inclined. Pet owners can expect the quality and finish of Celine’s high-end clothing. Accessories include Triomphe-engraved pyramid studs and metal hardware with a gold or silver finish, for example.
The comprehensive collection also includes accessories for the home. Think pretty bowls, bedding and blankets. Also there are brushes for grooming and toys to play with. Basically, it’s everything your pet needs but enhanced to the nth degree.

Celine Pet Collection

Solomon’s Pooch, Elvis.


This season’s campaign once again spotlights Slimani’s pooch, Elvis, as the two royally beautiful dogs of Hanover, the police and Princess Caroline of Elvis.

Celine isn’t the only designer label creating high-end items for Fido. gave The luxury pet market With, exploding Dog designs From the likes of Burberry, Versace, Monclerand Paul Smith are up for grabs.

America is willing to spend a lot of money even for man’s best friend. According to data released in March by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), spending on pets in the U.S. last year was $136.8 billion, up nearly 11 percent from 2021. About half of that dosh ($58.1 billion) was spent on food and drink. It was the top-spending category, in fact, with the largest increase at 16.2 percent. Clearly there is a demand for accessories though and Celine is catering to it.

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