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Believe it or not, going to a shelter can be good for an animal. Some animals are neglected or abandoned. Realize that shelter animals are lucky to find a place that will help them find a home.

Some people always have pets in their lives.

Since I was very young, I have had the opportunity to experience many animals joining my family. The ways pets entered our lives came in many forms. An adoption after someone passed, an ad in the personals of someone entering a nursing home, a kitten that ‘followed’ us to the bus stop after school, and a co-worker picked up a surprise litter and someone interested. Hand over the puppies.

Some have pets and never look back

My husband’s first relationship with a pet was when he married me. When my Boxer Mastiff ran away and our 12-year-old corgi passed away from cancer, I wasn’t sure we’d ever get another pet. The animals were always mine, and I thought he accepted them as part of the package deal.

He had been without an animal for about a year and couldn’t take it anymore. He said it was the dog’s turn and went hunting. She called area shelters every few weeks and saw ads for dogs for sale or surrender. He was getting restless. May never find his couch mate. But after 8 months of searching, a litter of dogs surrendered to the Twin Falls Humane Society. She called her quiet baby ‘Dubs’, and we brought Sasha home when she became adoptable. 5 years later, we are a happy family with a much pampered chihuahua mix. Here she is relaxing on her personal heating pad. Sigh

Credit Cat’s phone

Credit Cat’s phone

Shelters are a great place to find the right pet for you.

I employees and volunteers Twin Falls Animal Shelter / People for Pets Work hard every day to ensure that animals who find themselves in shelters have a permanent place to call home. It’s a joyous moment with every adoption that happens.

People for Pets has released their pet adoption statistics for 2023, and they’re pretty happy with the numbers.

Will 2023 be an even better year for people for pets? Maybe a new pet is in your future.

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