Can Burmese pythons be kept as pets in Florida?


Note to readers: The Naples Daily News and News Press have partnered with him. Southwest Florida Conservation For a series of Burmese python Questions and answers that we will publish in 2024. Ian Bartozekthe Conservancy’s Environmental Science Coordinator, Here’s our expert to help us better understand these giant animals.

Q. Can Burmese pythons be kept as pets in Florida?

Bartoszek: Keeping Burmese pythons as pets is currently prohibited in Florida.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website On February 25, 2021, the FWC added 16 high-risk non-native reptiles to Florida’s prohibited list. The Burmese python is included in this list.

Possession of these species by qualified entities is now restricted. For research, educational display, control or eradication purposes, and for sale for commercial use (green iguanas and tegus only) and pet owners (green iguanas and tegus only).

Individuals or businesses in possession of newly listed prohibited reptiles for commercial sale J28, 2021 to liquidate your inventory in Florida.

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