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This adorable mama has raised a litter of adorable babies and is now ready to find her forever family. Noel is sweet, gentle and loving. She will love it if you visit her! She has done great with dogs of all sizes in her foster home. She is a very relaxed girl. With some practice, he has learned to love cats too! Noel is practically perfect and would love to join your family!

Marble Adoption Dog


Marble is one of ten puppies from Mama Rye, a pit bull who gave birth in our care. Mama is a pitbull mix and we don’t know about the father.

These little bread baskets are ready to be adopted, and we can’t wait to meet them. Apply today and meet them!

Carmen the adoptable dog


**Don’t pass me by! My adoption fees have been reduced by 100%! When Carmen is at the BDAR, she timidly and anxiously awaits her foster’s return. She bonds quickly with her human and does wonders around the house. Carmen is a fast 11 year old! She likes to kiss faces and roll around to get her belly rubbed. He has a big smile and an even bigger heart! Carmen is house trained. Crate trained and gets along well with other dogs. She always listens and is very respectful. Carmen loves treats and encourages eating. Don’t let her serious image fool you, Carmen is a goofball. She will, no doubt, shake her lovely butt in your heart. Carmen is a true breed ambassador and is waiting to fill that void in your home. She wanted to chase cats when we first showed her. It’s probably best if she goes home kitty-free. She cannot jump fences due to her age, but she did jump fences in her early years, so a 6′ fence is recommended. Carmen can be very excited about her ball and sometimes gets too close to your hand while playing. She doesn’t mean any harm, but we don’t recommend it for children under 5, because of when she focuses on her ball. Don’t wait! Apply today!

Newt the adoptable cat


Newt is a bit of a picky eater. Brought to us as a stray, Newt is very gentle and nice for a cat that roams around. We were waiting to see if anyone would come to claim the cutest boy, but alas no one has. He’s shy and likes to hide most days, but we have a sneaking suspicion he comes out at night. You see, Newt always manages to have a dirty suit in the morning. At the end of the day, we make sure his scratching post, toys and blanket are clean when we leave. Morning, chaos! His blanket is spread out and there are toys in every corner. One day, the scratching post turned upside down! If you’re also a night owl, who loves the life of the midnight party, meet Newt. He would rather go home to a family that doesn’t expect anything from him, or better yet a barn family where he can be put to work. He is nice and will accept pets, he never seeks them out. Apply to meet her today! He is currently in the Laramie County Jail in our Meow Mates program.

Cricket is an adoptable cat.


Cricket is a shy cat, and just like shy cats they refuse to look at you for a good photo. She spends her days depressing in Kitty City, she likes being petted but isn’t too sure about it. Cricket is a bit curious when you’re cleaning her condo, so as she warms to you, she’ll likely come out and play more. You can meet Cricket by dropping by our building and seeing him in person or by applying online!

Jack Sparrow Adoptable Cat

Jack Sparrow

Jack isn’t sure how he got here, he was traveling to the Caribbean the last time he could remember, but now he’s here in Wyoming and he’s not missing an eye. Being landlocked didn’t stop Jack at all. His missing eye is now healed. It took him a few days to warm up but he is interested in seeing more of the world. He is still recovering from the cannon fire from his sailing days so loud noises lead him to a safe hiding place. He likes to sit in his suite for you, and he will tell you some stories of his private days. Jack is very friendly and would love the opportunity to see the world outside the center. He gets along well with other cats but prefers to be in a quiet environment. A lot of commotion and noise sent him back to his hiding places. Apply to meet Jack Sparrow today.

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