Beloved pet found dead in Riley’s neighborhood after coyote sighting

Coyote sightings are unnerving residents in Raleigh’s busy Five Points neighborhood, with some residents saying their pets have been attacked or killed.

As you look around the neighborhood, you ask yourself where they might come from. From There are houses everywhere — but some residents say coyotes have been spotted near a small wooded area with a creek.

A video a neighbor took from his back patio has chilling audio: the sound of coyotes.

They too have happened. saw A late night stroll through the neighborhood.

“I’ve been listening more and more,” Morgie Duke said. “People are seeing them, they’re hearing them all over the neighborhood.”

Duke recently lost his beloved Baby Gaga, a cat who has been with his family for 13 years. Last month, Baby Gaga went for a walk and was later found dead.

Baby Gaga.

Duke believes it was one. Coyote

“I cried a lot. I miss him so much,” she said. “Your pets are your family.”

Duke and his neighbors have been documenting these sightings.

According to NC Statecoyotes are nocturnal, but can be active at dawn and dusk.

Knowing this, the residents called the animals option – but stated unless the coyote is hurt or on them Property They can’t do much.

WRAL News reached out to Animal Control to learn more about how the coyotes are being addressed. We also asked the Raleigh Police Department to provide numbers on possible coyote attacks in the area.

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