Australian girl swings giant snake several times to save pet guinea pig: video

one Yeomundi, Queensland, Australia A 12-year-old girl swung into action to save her guinea pig after a giant snake tried to eat her furry friend, the video shows.

In a video posted on social media by Australian radio host Kip Whitman, her niece Rosie Whitman can be seen going into a corner of her backyard in search of her pet guinea pig Maxibone on Sunday. .

Rosie then looks behind the bush, sits down on the ground, and reaches back behind the bush.

When she reached behind the bush, a black dog ran towards her and Rosie emerged with it. Big snake In his hand

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Inside the snake’s mouth was the white rat, Maxibone.

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“I didn’t even think about it,” Rousey said in an interview with 7News Australia. “I was just like, ‘Get the snake, get the snake.’

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After swinging the snake five times, Rosie’s father jumped and caught his daughter Catch the snake While Maxibone was released

Rosie’s father Luke Whitman, looking more nervous than his young daughter, pointed at the snake and reluctantly picked it up and threw it over the fence.

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Family said the station seemed no worse than before Maxibone’s brush with death.

“I am proud that Mary Rosie, at the age of 12, had the courage to catch a snake and “Save his pet’s life.” Whitman said.

The station also reported that the snake’s belly appeared to be brown, which could be several different snakes, such as the harmless python or the deadly eastern brown snake.

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