Austin Pets Alive!: Emergency Adopters Needed.

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Looking to adopt or foster a dog or cat?

Austin Pets Alive! They have more than 200 dogs and about 30 cats they hope to foster or adopt before the freezing temperatures of Central Texas.

APA! Asking people to sign up to be an emergency response foster. Those who sign up only need to take the dog for a few days, from Sunday, January 14th to Thursday, January 18th.

“Our first priority is to get outdoor enclosure animals at the APA! Town Lake Shelter into warm homes,” says Stephanie Bilbrough, director of operations at Austin Pets Alive. “Currently, we have 230 dogs that urgently need a warm place to stay.”

Bilbrough said the facility has tarps, blankets and heaters for indoor areas, but it will still be cold and it’s best to bring the animals indoors.

“So all these tarps roll down and zip together so there’s a nice air gap,” Bilbrough said.

One topic that has come up during the extreme season is the aging facility.

“Our facility is 70 years old and while we’re waiting to put together a plan to rebuild, we really want to make sure we get it done before that happens,” Bilbrough said. We want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible,” said Bilbrough.

Michelle Murphy was picking up her newly adopted dog on Wednesday.

“I’m praying that people will come and at least adopt these dogs, you never know you might find your next family member,” Murphy said.

Bilbrough said now that APA has a new license agreement with the city of Austin, they can begin planning for the future.

“Bigger enclosures, more comfortable indoor spaces, hopefully some indoor training spaces,” Bilbrough said.

But right now those things could be years away with no official plans on the books.

APA! There are also 30 barn cats up for adoption this week. These feral cats—saved from autonomy—can be adopted by families who appreciate working cats for critter patrol and can provide a safe, suitable environment such as a barn, stable, garage or barn. .

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