Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to feeding his grandkids pet food: “Mainly made for horses”

76 years old Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he sees his granddaughters Leila and Eloise at least once a week. Her oldest child, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and her husband, Chris Pratt, bring them when they visit. Arnie’s granddaughters are never bored because they are always excited to play with his animals. However, this has had some hilarious results.

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gave Body building Legend spoke about three-year-old Laila and one-year-old Eloise. The Tonight Show. Schwarzenegger explained that in addition to playing with the animals, children also treat the same things that Arnie does for her pets. Jimmy Fallon burst out laughing as Arnold Schwarzenegger explained the strange incident.

Never a dull moment with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Austrian Oak explained that Layla and Eloise love to ride on the back of their little Donnie, Lulu. “Once, wanted to ride a pig,” said the FUBAR star. However, kids don’t just love playing with animals, girls also love Schwarzenegger cookies. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that kids love cookies. “Were made primarily for horses.”

Austria Oak then shows how her adorable granddaughters imitate Lulu and Whiskey. The actor said that he is standing with his mouth open. Fallon, already looking happy, nearly fell out of his chair laughing as he listened to Arnie’s granddaughters with their pets.

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However, if you’re wondering why Arnie feeds his pets and granddaughters the same banana and oatmeal cookies, don’t panic. While the oatmeal cookies made for Lulu and Whiskey are perfectly edible. In fact, the 76-year-old himself has tasted them. Arnold Schwarzenegger has trained his pet to bite off one end of the cookie and take the other end out of Arnie’s mouth while biting. However, this was not the only incident that Arnie talked about.

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Arnie said his granddaughters were spoiled.

After recounting the strange but hilarious cookie story, Schwarzenegger joked that his granddaughters “A little bit worse.” They “Told them to help… you know, shovel the manure. They said no. Ernie lamented. Fallon replied that the Terminator had to teach him.

Although the Hollywood action icon was not serious, he is known for his strict upbringing. The 76-year-old taught his children about discipline during tough times when they refused to listen. Austrian too Throw Catherine’s shoes into the fireplace. Even though Schwarzenegger repeatedly told her not to leave them out, she continued to ignore her father.


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While Jimmy Fallon couldn’t contain his laughter, what did you think of Arnie’s granddaughters and pets having identical cookies?

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