ARL hosts “Out of Space” adoption fee weekends to place pets in homes.

DES MOINES, Iowa – It seems like every story surrounding the Animal Rescue League of Iowa has one thing in common, the shelter is either at or over capacity. In times of mass intake, shelters are forced to get creative to help Iowa’s pets.

Now, ARL hopes to free up some space with an adoption event, with lower fees. Feb. 2-4, the adoption fee for all dogs and cats six months of age or older at any ARL location is $40. Generally, prices can range anywhere from $60-$200 depending on the age of the pet. So, staff say it’s a deal the public doesn’t want to pass up.

“That’s a great adoption fee for the money we have for each animal,” said Brian Maddison, ARL’s customer experience manager. “By the time it hits the adoption floor, we have an average of $600 per animal by the time we get it spayed or neutered, shots and dental work up to date, all of that. It’s a It’s a huge expense, but we want to help the public and offer a reduced fee this weekend and hopefully get some pets into good homes.”

ARL says that when you adopt a dog, you’re actually helping two animals, because ARL is able to make room for other pets. The shelter told WHO13 that they are already booked a month in advance for the owner’s surrender, hence the need for the spots.

To learn more about the event, click here. Here.

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