Are dogs family members or property?

Is your dog a legal member of your family in the state of Connecticut?

According to Pop Crush & the Daily mail, the answer is no, pets are considered a piece of property like a car or a house. Thus, dogs are legal in most US states, except for six. Here are the states where dogs are considered family members:

New York
New Hampshire

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So what does this mean in the case of divorce? Again, the pet will be classified as a piece of property. what is here CT.GOV He says on this matter:

“You asked how companion animals, such as dogs and cats, are handled in Connecticut divorce cases. Specifically, you wanted to know whether pets are considered personal property and whether the divorced party owned an ex- A spouse can take action if the former spouse takes the pet from their legally designated home or disposes of it by gift or sale.

We could not find any Connecticut statutes or cases addressing how animals are treated when a couple divorces. If Connecticut divorce courts functioned like other courts in community property states, the court would treat pets the same way it handles other forms of personal property (McClean, tabby, knickknack pedi- Wake: Home the Dog? Michigan State University School of Law (2009). This would mean adding the pet to the marital estate, which the divorce court would then divide equally (Wendt v. Wendt , 255 Conn. 918 (2000)).

Divorcing Connecticut couples can fashion settlement agreements covering the care and custody of pets, which may include safeguards and stipulations that allow one or both parties to sell the family pet. Forbidden to do or give. If a judge finds the agreement fair, he or she will make it part of the final divorce decree, and it will then have the force of law (Hayes v. Beresford, 184 Conn. 558 (1981)).

Courts generally consider the intent of the parties when one claims the other has violated the terms of a divorce decree or settlement agreement. Unless the decree provides for a different penalty, a breach of its terms is contempt of court. If the aggrieved party decides to go back to court and prevail on the contempt claim, the court must provide a fair and just remedy.”

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If you love your dog, that’s probably not the answer you want to hear. I’m not a big pet person but even I think they should be treated like family members.

If you live in New York and want to know about pet custody laws, here is some interesting information available. Mandell Law Firm.

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