Animal lovers, would you use this service for a sick pet who is ready to cross the rainbow bridge?

The holiday season can sometimes be difficult for animal lovers who are watching their pets age and reach a point in their lives where they are too sick to function.

It becomes even more difficult when calling the vet becomes more frustrating because appointments are so backed up, it takes some time to see that vet and end their pet’s suffering. Think.

But for any animal lover in this predicament, they don’t know of any services that could be beneficial.

An organization was founded in Florida in 2009The lap of lovewhich provides in-house euthanasia and hospice care services.

The organization now works in 37 states to help pet owners find ways to relieve their loved ones of any discomfort, rather than waiting for a vet appointment. .

With this in mind, we wanted to get feedback from animal lovers who have used such services.

Would you recommend it to other pet parents who never knew about it? Did it help bring some peace and quiet? Let us know below and maybe you can help other animal lovers struggling with a sick pet.

Photo by Mike Katona (GMG)

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