Animal care services have ‘zero tolerance’ for pet owners who neglect animals during article explosion

SAN ANTONIO – Animal Care Services in San Antonio said it has “zero tolerance” for pet owners to leave their animals outside. Freezing cold.

Since Sunday, leaders with ACS said they have received more than 400 claims of animal neglect.

So far, he has issued more than 30 citations for teaching in the winter.

ACS said animals that must be outdoors should have adequate shelter that includes three walls and a roof. Also, access to food and water.

Richard Grant said he tried to call 311 to report his neighbor’s dog Sunday but was unable to get through.

“I mean you wouldn’t be out in the cold when it’s freezing, why would you allow your dog to do that?” Grant said.

He said he could hear the dog whimpering on the front porch.

“It’s really, really horrible how they treat them,” Grant said.

Animal Care Services had 19 officers working Monday to deal with claims of neglect. Shannon Sims, director of ACS, said they had prepared ahead of time to add additional staff for the article explosion.

“Obviously, I’ll give somebody a citation and they want to go explain to the judge or hopefully get their attention instead of euthanizing the animal,” Sims said. “At that point, I will proceed with possibly more serious charges for animal cruelty.”

Some citations can cost people up to $2,000, Sims said.

“Bring them in,” Grant said. “No one wants to hear them crying in the middle of the night, it’s disgusting.”

If you call 311, ACS may take up to three days to investigate the complaint. Another option is to call SAPD’s non-emergency line at 210-207-7273.

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