Animal advocates suggest welcoming transitions when gifting pets this Christmas.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – During the holiday season, animal advocates are offering an alternative way to welcome a pet into your family.

Avoid giving a loved one a pet as a surprise, say the experts at Second Chance Animal Services in Chicopee. Instead, they suggest making sure the potential pet owner is part of the adoption process.

You want to make sure the person is ready to be a responsible pet owner and chooses the right pet that fits their lifestyle, Second Chance founder and CEO Cheryl Blancato told 22News. eats

“We highly recommend that they do something like wrap a bowl, leash, or collar, anything like that,” Blancato said. “Then take the person you’re gifting a pet to the shelter to pick up the pet,” she added.

Second Chance also recommends providing children with an informational book on pet care.

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