All the best to everyone. These adoptable pets will make you smile every day. December 30-31

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — When adopting a pet, many people first consider buying a new puppy or kitten. Senior pets are sometimes overlooked at shelters and adoption events, but seniors have more to offer than you might think. They are calm (no puppies or kittens), loving and loyal companions. Rescue agencies say that because they’ve often been through hard times, they’re especially grateful to have families calling their own to find them.

And while many people live by the “adopt, don’t buy” rule, senior pets are often left behind in these shelters with an uncertain future. Shelters are often overcrowded, and older dogs are often among the first to be euthanized. By choosing an older animal, you are actually saving a life.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting a senior pet.

1. It is beneficial.

Giving a senior a second chance and letting them into your heart is an incredibly rewarding experience.

2. They require less exercise.

Senior pets sleep more and generally need less exercise than their younger counterparts. So, if you don’t have time for long sessions at the dog park, a senior pet who likes to take daily walks around the neighborhood or chill at a cafe might be your ideal pet.

3. Their personalities are already developed.

When adopting a senior pet, their personality is already developed, so you will have a better understanding of whether the pet will suit your lifestyle and fit in with your family.

4. Senior pets are usually already trained.

Senior pets often already know many skills, including toilet training, sitting calmly, waiting for food, interacting well with other dogs, and more. Training requirements can be much less than a puppy.

Meet the champion…

If they were giving out candy awards, the champion would win the prize! This 11-year-old, 48-pound pit bull terrier mix is ​​the epitome of kindness and calmness. And as a bonus, he doesn’t look too bad either! Champion is beautiful around adults, children, dogs and cats. Nothing bothers him. A cheerful friend, the Champion enjoys short walks and long naps. If he has access to a yard, he likes to be able to walk around on his own. The champion is housebroken but appreciates being reminded when it’s time to go out, to avoid any potential mishaps. A big fan of being petted and massaged, Champion believes there is no such thing as too much attention. He thrives on love, and has an endearing way of asking for hugs and affection. His second favorite thing is food! This man can eat! And he’ll let you know when he wants a nibble of something… even if it’s not for him. Hmmm… I smell pizza… or meatballs… or maybe it’s chicken parm… can I have a bite… even a tiny taste? 😉 The Champion is a super handy guy who will follow you around like a shadow and constantly monitor what you’re doing. When he wants something, he will talk to you in the most charming, touching way. He spends most of the day snoozing and resting, but when he wakes up he has a real presence about him. Everyone who meets her immediately falls for her. Like a fine wine, a champion ages to perfection. And it will be worth every sip! If you would like to adopt this wonderful pup, please email or visit for an application! Please follow us on Instagram: @pupstarzrescue Like us on Facebook! PupStarz Rescue cannot guarantee the breed, size, temperament or age of any dog ​​or cat. (Courtesy/Pupstars)

Thank you to the dedicated rescue agencies for their hard work and efforts to find a good home for these wonderful animals. They do this because they know how special they are and how they can enrich your lives.

Adoption events

December 30

  • SICAW 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. PetSmart, 1525 Forest Ave. I would have.

December 31

  • SICAW PetSmart, 1525 Forest Ave. On, will be from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Hello Fox!

Meet Fox, a delightful DSH mix (est. DOB 09/20/2023). This cute kitty is sweet, gentle and very loving. She is cat-friendly, dog-friendly and fantastic with adults and children. She is sassy and fun but also knows how to relax. She’ll pounce with feathers, chase plastic balls, and play with string toys… and then go down for a much-needed cat nap! She is sweet, lovable and very entertaining to be around. She has a soothing and soft meow that will melt your heart. This well-deserved fluff ball is a gem and will make anyone very happy. If you would like to give this wonderful cat a home, please email or visit for an application! **We cannot guarantee a cat’s age, breed or size. (Courtesy/Pupstars)

Flagship Brewing Dog Club

Do you love dogs? Do you love beer? Then grab a cold one at Flagship Brewing Company’s Dog Club. The club takes place every Wednesday from 5pm to 11pm at the Flagship Brewery Taproom, 40 Mintthorn St, off Bay Street.

The Flagship Dog Club is for that special breed of dog and beer lovers who can bring their (well-behaved) pups to meetings. Once a month, there will be a guest speaker who will talk about their specialty or knowledge about the well-being of their precious, loyal friends.

For more information visit or call 718-448-5284.Dog-friendly parks

Dog friendly parks

· Allison Park, off-leash area, Prospect Avenue at the end of the trail, Sailors’ Harbor Cemetery, and the grounds adjacent to the pond.

Amundson Trail, off-leash area, between Amboy Road and Hylan Boulevard

Arthur Van Bresen Park, off-strip area, lawn area, Mud Park on right

Bloomingdale Park, Dog Run, Maguire Avenue behind the athletic fields near Ramona Avenue

Clove Lakes Park, off-leash area, open field above picnic area near Royal Oak Road and Rice Avenue

Clove Lakes Park, off-leash area, Brookside Avenue between Alpine Court and Kingsley Avenue (lawn area)

Long’s tail park, off-leash area, lawn area, corner of Victory Boulevard and Little Clove Road

Conference House Park, Dog Run, Clermont Avenue and Massachusetts Street

· Cousins ​​Woods Park, off-leash area, Page Avenue between Helan Boulevard and Amboy Road

Crescent Beach Park, off-leash area, Tennyson Drive, and Glover Avenue. Located on a meadow leading to the beach.

Evergreen Park, off-leash area, Greaves Avenue and Evergreen Street

Father Makers Park, off-strip area, lawn beyond ball field

Ida Court Playground, dog run, Ida Court between N. Railway Street and Drumgool Road East

Lemon Creek Park, off-leash area, below Seguin Avenue at Johnston Terrace; Just below the playground

Seidenberg Park, off-leash area, Graves Avenue, and Evergreen Street

Silver Lake Park, dog run, Victory Boulevard below Pavilion, across from Parkview Apartments

· South Beach Park, off-leash area. Note: Only on the sand after Labor Day and before Memorial Day

Willowbrook Park, Off Leash Area, Archery Range Field

Wolf’s Pond Park, dog run, left on Cornelia Avenue

For more information, including rules, visit

Dogs may not enter any bathing facilities, including New York City beaches. However, from October 1 to May 1, leashed dogs are allowed on the sand and boardwalks at Midland Beach and South Beach.

Leashed dogs are allowed on the boardwalk/promenade at Midland Beach and South Beach.

For more information about the rules and regulations, visit

Pet Poison Helplines

If you think your pet may have ingested a toxic substance, contact the Pet Poison Hotline at 855-764-7661 or petpoisonhelpline.comor contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 or

As the seasons change, keep in mind the plants that are poisonous to animals:

Reporting animal cruelty

To report an incident of animal abuse, call or visit Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

Environmental protection

To contact an Environmental Protection Police officer or to report suspected violations, contact the DEC Law Enforcement Dispatch Center at 844-DEC-ECOS (844-332-3267) or

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