Adorable dog dead, 2 other pets injured in Minneapolis Christmas Day house fire

Minneapolis – Minneapolis families are pulling together to help a neighbor after a Christmas Day fire took more than just supplies.

Randy Moyer’s 17-year-old dog dies in fire

Moyer thought she would spend Christmas Day with her 3-month-old granddaughter. But when she arrived at a family gathering that morning, a neighbor called her with the worst news: her house was on fire.

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Her three dogs and a cat were inside. Two dogs, Jojo and Banjo, were kenneled together. After searching the home, firefighters located Kennel and pulled him out.

“We got them both out of the kennel, I started working the mouth on little Banjo,” said Alicia Jenkins, Moyer’s granddaughter.

“Joe was already gone,” said Moyer. “We tried to get it.”

The other pets survived, although the dogs suffered serious injuries that required an overnight stay at a veterinarian.

“She (JoJo) was found right after my grandfather passed away, so she wasn’t herself,” Jenkins said. “In that way it was a big piece from him that a family member gave him.”

Moyer is staying with family as she figures out her next steps. She had lived in her home for 50 years and likely won’t be able to return to it for a year or more, she said, because of the fire and smoke damage.


“We just keep telling him, ‘We’re thankful you weren’t there,'” Jenkins said.

Meanwhile, vet bills for her other pets are piling up. Jenkins created an online fundraiser and neighbors are participating as well.

Moyer said firefighters told him the stove burner may have been accidentally left on. Then the plastic cutting board on top of it sparks which may have started the fire.

The official cause is still under investigation.

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