Adopt a pet in Alexandria: Meet Stitch.

Stitch (Photo: AWLA)

Alexandria, VA-Stache is an 11-year-old male black and white kitty, aptly named for his distinctive looks. Apart from the magnificent mustache he sports, his wild white magical whiskers add to his allure. Stitch is friendly, sweet and friendly. As an elderly man, he likes to sleep in a comfortable bed, watch the birds out the window, and snuggle with people on the couch. He likes a low-key, quiet lifestyle. However, she is still a fast, inquisitive cat who loves to explore the world around her. If he hears visitors approaching, he’s quick to lure you in with a meow hello. Stache is a loving companion who would love to spend his golden years in a loving home. If you have a quiet home you’d love to share with him, stop by and meet him at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

AWLA is located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave. Founded in 1946, AWLA has helped homeless animals and served as a resource. The organization remains an integral part of the community by providing adoption, spay and neuter assistance, education, and outreach opportunities. To learn more, visit

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