ACCT Philly shares winter safety tips for pets – NBC10 Philadelphia

Cold weather is hard enough for us humans, but it’s even worse if our pets are left outside. ACCT Philly Shares tips to keep your furry friends safe during the winter.

  • Make sure the pet is sheltered. Keep all indoor cats inside, even if they prefer to roam outside in warm weather.
  • You can let your dogs outside for a quick potty break and some exercise, but they should be kept inside for the rest of the time. Dogs such as husky and heavy coat northern breeds can go outside for longer but should be supervised.
  • If your dog is outside for long periods of time during the day for any reason, he should have adequate shelter. This shelter should be protected by a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow movement but small enough to retain body heat.
  • If your dog has a short coat, he may be more comfortable with a sweater—even if you’re just going out for a short walk. If you are bundled, think if they need it!
  • Always remember to clean your dog’s feet after going out for a walk. Along with rock salt and other chemicals on the ground to clear the path, this can irritate your pet’s foot pads. Try to be quick enough so that your pet does not lick its paws. If you can’t do much, a warm washcloth works well!
  • If you use antifreeze, remember to keep it out of the reach of your pets or other animals. It is a deadly poison for animals!
  • If you encounter a pet that has been left without proper shelter in the winter. If you are comfortable, notify the owner as they may not know the danger to their pet in cold weather.

If you see an abandoned animal without shelter during a Code Blue, you can call (267) 385-3800 and then press 1 to report or you can email

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