Abandoned pets from immigrants create new crisis: report

A crisis is brewing on America’s southern border as a large number of abandoned immigrant dogs are forced to fend for themselves as strays. Reports From the New York Post (NYP).

Immigrants entering the US often bring their dogs with them on their travels, but leave their pets behind when they enter the US due to entry regulations and required documentation. gave CDC Pets entering the U.S. that have traveled through high-risk rabies countries within the past six months are required to have a scannable microchip and rabies vaccination, or to be repatriated at the owner’s expense. will go Dogs that do not meet this standard still need a statement of travel within the last six months and must be in “healthy form”.

Dogs are not allowed into federal processing centers, leading many to be abandoned by their owners. Southern borderaccording to the NYP. (RELATED: Senate border deal has a big hole in its wall plans)

As the NYP reports, the problem continues to spread as strays breed from former pets, creating new litters and making the situation worse. Most of the stray dogs in the desert were starving, and some appeared to be injured as they struggled to survive in the dry conditions.External borderaccording to the shop.

According to the NYP report, the amount of these abandoned canines currently exceeds the crisis response capabilities of local animal shelters and rescue groups, although efforts are underway to reunite these pets with their owners.

“The conditions are heartbreaking,” John Rook, who has managed animal rescues in the southern border region, reportedly said.

As Hundreds of thousands of immigrants According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, continue to enter the U.S. monthly, it The crisis It seems likely to get worse if more dogs are taken into the country and released later.

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