An elderly Shanghai woman has decided to leave her $4.3 million fortune to cats and dogs.

According to South China Morning Post, Ms Liu initially planned to divide the wealth among her three children but had a change of heart. They never met her and barely kept in touch, leaving her lonely and neglected. So he decided that his pets, who were his only companion and source of comfort, would inherit everything.

In her new will, Ms Liu insisted that all her money be used to care for her pets and her children. He appointed the local veterinary clinic as trustee of his pet’s fortune. However, officials at the Will Registration Center in Beijing warned of the dangers of handing over all of his wealth to the clinic.

He suggested appointing a trusted person to oversee the funds and ensure proper care of her pets. “We told Aunt Leo that if her children changed their attitude toward her, she could always change her will,” said the official.

The story has sparked an online debate across China, with some sympathizing with Ms Liu’s difficult decision. “How desperate and heartbroken she must have been to decide to leave nothing for her children.” A user wrote.

This isn’t the first time a pet has received a generous inheritance. In 2020, a wealthy Tennessee businessman left $7.6 million to his border collie. And in 2010, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen left $97,000 to his beloved dogs.