A Warrensburg town councilman is facing criticism after threatening pets.

A satirical Facebook ad for this Warrensburg mobile home warned potential renters that if they tried to sneak in a pet, it would be returned “in a nice little box.”

Alana Morgan’s Facebook ad

ALBANY — A Facebook ad for a mobile home for rent in Warren County was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but struck a nerve with a warning about “red necks above ground pools” or ” There will be garbage or rubbish outside. will not be tolerated.

There was also the threat that any tenant who hides a pet in a Warrensburg mobile home would not be forced to move out, but “I’m going to take your pet… even if I’m emotional.” I may even give you his collar back for reasons, but it’s strictly at my discretion.”


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Warrensburg Town Board Member Brian Rounds, whose wife, Alana Morgan, posted the ad — for one of the many rental properties he owns and manages — admitted he received social media for the listing. The media has faced severe criticism. But Rounds said it was merely “sarcastic” and intended for “shock value”.

Rounds, who runs Rounds Paving and Evacuating in Warren County, said his goal was simply to cut off anyone who didn’t follow his rules for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom trailer along Warren Street. They were offering to rent it out for $1,000 a month.

Rounds said Facebook removed the ad for violating its standards, but screenshots of the post continued to circulate on the social media platform.

A person who Ad reposted The rounds are called “total peace (sic) of sh–” for the ad’s pet threat.


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Morgan, who wrote the ad after cleaning up a large amount of cat litter on the Lake George property she and Rounds owned, warned anyone interested in renting that the couple had “for 35+ years Landlord, so I’ve heard every story out there. … You can’t work on your motorcycle that you’ve been rebuilding with your grandfather for the last 20 years. You can’t start a side business and put your broken ones on the lawn. Can’t fix all stuff.”

Rounds said the post was intentionally “funny” and that people who know him considered the post satirical, though he admitted it went too far and could be “offensive”.

But the councilman escalated the backlash when he commented on a Facebook post that many of them appeared to lack reading comprehension because they failed to understand Morgan’s satirical ad.

“The extreme scenario presented regarding pets was intended to discourage anyone who thought it was OK to ignore our policy,” Rounds wrote. “The mention of a ‘nice little box’ indicates a proper euthanasia process by a licensed veterinarian. It’s not like we’re going to do the homework ourselves.”


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Rounds said the couple has rented several properties in Warren County that often allow pets that are well-behaved and cared for, but this particular rental — which she Described as a low income option – does not allow pets.

“If you have to rent low-income housing like this, you’re probably better off not having pets,” Rounds said. “Pets can be expensive.”

Rounds said he has dealt with negligent pet owners as tenants in the past, which he considers harmful to the animals and property. Rounds said he cares a lot about animals and enforces his pet policy to ensure pets are not left unattended on his properties.

While Rounds has received several negative phone calls and social media responses, he said he has also received support from other landowners who understand the difficulties of maintaining their properties.


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Rounds said he and Morgan often choose not to advertise their properties, preferring to rent to people they know and Rounds employees at his brokerage company — as he said they regularly rent. can afford to pay.

“Hopefully it will die a natural death, a complete defeat,” Rounds told the Times Union. “Who in their right mind would think that someone would take an animal and say, ‘I’m going to treat your animal cruelly’? It’s just a ridiculous scenario.”

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