A volunteer from Haseya’s Animal Rescue Shelter offers tips on how to protect your pets during the arctic blast.

RAYNE, La.KLFY) — A local animal shelter is advising people to keep their pets safe and warm during freezing temperatures.

Animal rescue volunteer Kelly Stonecher weighs in on how you should care for your pets in cold weather.

“Bring your pets inside, whether it’s the laundry room, the bathroom, especially at night or anytime the temperature is going to drop below 32 degrees,” says Stonecher.

Animals are now in danger as cold air sinks across Acadiana. According to various animal shelters in the area, Iberia Parish reported 10 animals abandoned during the freeze, along with 2 in Lafayette Parish, and one each in St. Martin, St. Landry, Acadia, Vermilion and Jeff Davis. do not have. If pets are left outside in the cold for long periods of time, they can experience hypothermia and, worse, death, Stonecher says.

“If they’re left out in the cold for too long, yes, they can experience hypothermia just like us. If they’re exposed to it too long, they can have organ damage and, unfortunately, death,” Stonecher said. said

Straw is the best way to protect your pet from the cold air, Stonecher says.

“They need a warm dry bed in case the rain blankets get wet and actually become a cool source,” Stonecher said.

Stonecher says dogs, like people, aren’t meant to be outside in freezing temperatures.

“People often feel that animals are designed to live outside, but like us, they’re not used to living in 20-degree weather,” Stonecher explained.

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