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Pet toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but The Triangle Toy stands out as a unique creation that not only entertains your furry friends but also doubles as a work of art. This innovative pet toy isn’t just about playing. It is a visual experience inspired by the beauty of nature.

Designers: The other is whiteEthan J. Choi, Jihoon Yoo, DK (Dukkeun An)Junha Kam, Ikhyeon Kim

Design Yanko pictures by size – triangle_belly_toy_02


The triangle design is a testament to the creativity that can be incorporated into pet products. The triangular shape serves as the canvas for the motifs of clouds, mountains and the sun. The towering mountains are represented by the overall triangular structure, while the rolling ball symbolizes the gentle flow of clouds. The transparent ball, a central element of the toy, represents the shining sun. Together, these elements create a harmonious scene reminiscent of a sunrise or sunset over a cloud-covered mountain.

The design language of the triangle is a careful combination of curved and angular lines. This combination gives the toy a sense of softness and shine, making it visually appealing. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring seamless harmony between its components, the Triangle goes beyond the typical concept of a pet toy, an object that seamlessly integrates into any space. Resembling art.

What sets Triangle apart is its interactive nature. This toy is designed to maintain your pet’s continued interest through a clever treat mechanism. By placing a treat inside the transparent ball, your pet is tempted to engage with the toy. When the cloud-shaped plate is touched, the ball rolls along the rails, treating it as it moves. It not only provides mental stimulation but also turns playtime into a rewarding experience for your furry companion.



Adding to its advanced features, Triangle allows for difficulty adjustment. The three holes in the transparent ball can be resized by turning its top. This feature enables pet owners to customize the level of challenge, ensuring that the toy remains engaging for pets of varying activity levels. It is a thoughtful addition that caters to the diverse needs of pets, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated.




Practicality meets design in the Triangle, as it is not only an attractive toy but also easy to maintain. All parts, including the transparent ball, are detachable, allowing for easy cleaning. This feature ensures that the triangle will be a hygienic and safe play for your pet. Ease of disassembly and reassembly makes the cleaning process a breeze, enhancing the overall user experience.

At its core, the Triangle is a simple yet clever mechanical toy that harnesses the beauty of nature. The ball inside the toy tilts around a central axis based on the principles of gravity. Inspired by the natural world, this design incorporates sloping surfaces and curved shapes. By tilting the toy precisely, users can manipulate the ball, making for an interactive and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners.

Finally, Triangle is more than just pet toys. It is a thoughtful creation that combines the essence of design, functionality and nature. Its ability to engage pets, adjustable difficulty level, and easy maintenance make it one of the best products in the world of pet accessories. Triangle not only adds joy to your pet’s playtime but also elevates your living space with its aesthetic appeal—a true testament to the creativity in the world of pet products. Is.

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