A pet shelter shared heartwarming photos of their favorite volunteer snoozing with cats. Posted by Bianca Wooden: February 7, 2024

A volunteer at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary receives a gold star for dedication! Terry, or “Grandpa Terry” as he is sometimes affectionately called, loves to hang out with rescue cats. He helps them dress up, gives them lots of love, and even takes naps with them! In fact, there are some adorable photos of Terry doing it at one of the animal shelters. Facebook Posts

“We are so lucky to have a human like Terry,” Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary wrote in its caption. “Terry just came in one day and introduced himself. He said he wanted to brush the cats. Eventually it became everyday. He brushes all the cats, and you get to know all their likes and dislikes. Can tell. He even falls asleep by accident most days. We don’t mind – the cats need him! Terry is a wonderful volunteer.

A volunteer sleeps on a couch at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary.

Commenters loved the adorable photos of “Grandpa” Terry snoozing with the rescue cats. Many even decided to donate to Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary after seeing the post!

“I love Terry!” A user wrote. “Keep loving those cats bro!”

Another added, “What a beautiful story! $10 donated to the shelter.”

Terry the volunteer sleeping in the chair with the rescue cat.

Safe Haven Pet Shelter is definitely lucky to have a volunteer like Terry willing to spend so much time with cats in need. We love to see animals being cared for and loved. They deserve it!

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