A pet pantry is open at Central to help owners get pet food, blankets

Baton Rouge, La. (BRPROUD) — Breaking Hope Pet Pantry Opened in December by Dante’s hope save the animals As a way to help families in need of pet supplies after having to give up their beloved friends.

“We’ve found that by only providing food and essential supplies to families when they need it most, we can keep animals where they belong, not in shelters, in foster care, or on the street, but in the homes of people who love them.” Barking Hope Pet Pantry Coordinator Sherry Blattenberger said.

The new shelter needs pet food, cat litter, bowls and leashes. Pet food for cats and dogs is their biggest need and is not often donated, Blattenberger said. They accept gently used items such as blankets and collars.

Barking Hope Pet Pantry is putting donation barrels around the community to help pets in need. (Photo courtesy of Sherry Blattenberger, Coordinator Barking Hope Pet Pantry)

“Right now, we’re operating out of a POD while our permanent location, right next to our POD, is being remodeled for us. We’d like to be able to make that transition by the end of February, but we’ve got help. There is a need,” Blattenberger said.

Collection barrels are being kept in the community for donations. Blattenberger said they are looking for business partners to advertise on the barrel to cover the cost of the move and food from their wholesale partners. Donations can also be dropped off at Barking Lots. A list of pantry needs can be found. Here.

Blitenberger said they will give out the items as long as they have the supplies. Owners who need an item from the pantry can apply online or by mail. E-mail. As of January 18, the pantry is open by appointment only.

Pets are welcome at the shelter, and Blattenberger said they can get a little treat.

“We just ask that they be leashed or secured so that they are safe,” Blattenberger said. “Our pantry sits on very busy Sullivan Road.”

“The need to help families and their pets in this community is great, but we’ve seen what amazing things happen when this area comes together,” Blattenberger said. “If we’re going to end the crisis in front of us, it’s going to take all of us working together. Our vision is not unique, but the Barking Hope Pet Pantry in this area is. We need what we can get.”

The pantry is at 12025 Sullivan Road, Central.

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