A pet insurance expert shares the signs your pet may be depressed.

GREENSBORO, NC – The holiday blues are real.

And it’s not just humans. Doctors say your four-legged friend can still feel blue this time of year. For example, have you ever had the feeling that after a satisfying vacation, you experience post-holiday or post-holiday sadness when you return to the routine of work or school?

Well, it turns out that your pets may feel the same way.

During the holidays, pets often spend more time with their owners than with vacation time. Then after the vacation is over, it can be difficult for family members to adjust as they return to their daily routines.

According to Purina Institute Up to 70 percent of behavioral problems in dogs can be attributed to stress and anxiety.

Spot Pet Insurance shares the telltale signs of depression in your pet.

“Loss of interest in things that would normally bring them joy, such as going for a walk or greeting you at the door. It can be very important to notice a loss of appetite or if they are sleeping more or more than usual. are sleeping less. It’s also a sign of depression in dogs,” Cassidy Laudano, Spot pet insurancePublic Relations said.

And just like humans, pet depression can develop overtime or with a change in environment.

“Losing a loved one, whether it’s an owner or a co-parent or even another animal in the household. Things like that can affect them health-wise and even their lives,” Laudano said. can also have long-term health effects,” Lavdano said.

If you think your pet is depressed, Laudano said, contact your vet right away.

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