A pet dog saved his neighborhood by alerting his owner to a major gas leak.

A pet dog saved his neighborhood after discovering a gas leak in his owner’s front yard. Kobe, a four-year-old husky, was able to dig a large hole and alert his owner to the leak. Owner Chenelle Bell, 28, didn’t think much of it at first, but as the hole got bigger, she thought Kobe was trying to tell her something. Chanel, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said: “I trust his judgment because it’s not his normal behavior and he’s usually right.” He has great senses and never digs a hole unless he helps me dig. “We’ve been here in our new house for a while and he’s never had a hole without me, so I knew something was up.” Chanel’s house had a gas leak in early December so she decided to get out her gas detector. Chanel, a business owner, said: “The hole was huge and you could see it showing under the pavement. “I already had a reader at home to make sure my old There is no leakage from the heater. . “When I saw the hole and realized it was strange behavior for my dog. My intuition told me to check it out.” Immediately, reading gas was detected. The channel alerted authorities who informed it that if Kobe had not detected the leak on December 21, the consequences could have been catastrophic. The channel said: “If it goes undetected and the gas continues to leak into our homes.” We were told it can cause serious health effects such as respiratory problems, brain damage and even death. “They told me that something as simple as turning on a light switch could cause an explosion!” The gas foreman and crew immediately shut off her gas and got to work. Age and corrosion of the pipes caused three major gas leaks in the neighborhood of the channel. In total, gas engineers worked for three and a half days to fix leaks and fit new pipes. The channel said: “When he (the engineer) arrived, he was very impressed with Kobe and told him what a good dog he was.” Chanel feels indebted to Kobe and believes that you should always listen to your animals and their senses. He said: “It feels amazing to know Kobe saved our block, I’m so grateful.” I hope this educates others about the dangers and severity of off gassing and attention to your fur babies!”

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