A pet cat smuggled on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship was supposed to be euthanized but crew spent weeks trying to save it.


Maybe the cat wanted a vacation too.

A pet cat named Ovie was discovered earlier this month on the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Ovation of the Seas and would have died if not for the hardworking crew.

Royal Caribbean Cruises president and CEO Michael Bailey released a statement on Dec. 22 saying he “believes” a guest smuggled the kitten onto the cruise.

“Meet Ovie! A cat was smuggled onto Ovation of the Seas by a guest! We believe it was in the guest’s sweatshirt and we assume he passed out or something and he didn’t beep. will, because Ovi is not a metal. Bailey announced on Facebook.

Bayley added that the cat was “not allowed off the ship” when it was found during a routine inspection by Royal Caribbean International officials during the ship’s nearly three-week voyage from Hawaii to Sydney, and that that he was to be “punished with joy!”

New Zealand biosecurity agents found Ovi in ​​a guest cabin, but Royal Caribbean International declined to identify the passenger.

Royal Caribbean Cruises said the cat was “not allowed off the ship” during a routine inspection. Wikipedia
Michael Bailey, CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises, said the cat was snatched by a guest on Ovation of the Seas who was not identified.
Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO Michael Bailey said Billy was smuggled by a guest on Ovation of the Seas. Michael Bailey.

Inspections are mandatory for cruise lines entering foreign countries to ensure that such contraband items such as plants, fruits, animals and other hazards are not exposed.

Biosecurity agents were tasked with investigating how the cat managed to get on the boat, as well as making sure the cat was quarantined and free of any possible disease. pure, Travel Plus reported.

Unless a pet is an “emotional support animal or service dog”, no pet is permitted on board a Royal Caribbean cruise. As per company policy.

According to Bayley, Royal Caribbean International safely returned the little feline to the U.S. after being quarantined, and Ovie is now living with a new family in Miami after being adopted by a crew member.

“Our guest service team stepped up to the plate and after several weeks and a lot of back and forth safely brought Ovie halfway around the world to be adopted by one of the guest service team members in Miami. Ovie is now happily in Miami. Living,” Byley said.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has yet to confirm how the cat managed to get past cruise security before finally boarding the boat.

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