A local animal hospital opens a low-cost surgery center for pets.

INDIANAPOLIS — A local chain of animal hospitals is offering affordable animal care to Hoosier pet owners, rescues and shelters.

Noah’s Animal Hospital Opened a low-cost surgery center to reduce the number of pets euthanized for “fixable” problems by improving access to surgical care.

The center offers surgical services ranging from minor mass removal and wound repair to fracture repair, C-sections, amputations, ACL repair and more.

“Our hope is that by offering low-cost surgical options, they can help more animals find homes sooner,” said Dr. Mike Thomas, president and CEO of Noah’s Animal Hospitals. Specialty hospitals are financially out of reach for this client.

Low cost surgery center for all petsLocated on 3825 W. Washington St. On the west side of town, open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7am to 5pm

For more information about the new center, Click here.

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