A Hendersonville pet store was damaged by a fire next door, forcing it to temporarily close.

Hendersonville, Tenn. (WSMV) – A Hendersonville business is working to reopen after smoke damage to their building forced them to close Sunday night.

Owner Kristy Doherty said Ma & Paws Pet Supply hopes to reopen next week.

Doherty said he got a call from firefighters Sunday night that his smoke alarm was going off, and found the nail salon next door on fire. Due to smoke damage, much of Doherty’s inventory must be cleaned or disposed of.

“It was scary,” Doherty said. “Mal can be changed. It’s hard, but we’re putting things in perspective, and we’ll just power through it.”

If it weren’t for their smoke alarms, Doherty fears the fire would have destroyed their building or their neighbors’ businesses.

As a small business owner, the worst thing for Doherty is missing customers since Ma & Paws opened in 2007.

“We’re just like one big family. That’s probably the best part about it, helping everyone’s pets be healthy and happy,” Doherty said. “We plan to open as soon as possible because we know everyone is running low on food, and so we have to reopen to keep everyone fed and happy.”

Doherty plans to move the business to a new location next month, where she will have more space and state-of-the-art grooming equipment.

The nail salon where the fire broke out has reopened.

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