A firefighter is helping pet parents in need through a wonderful initiative in his community.

To be a Pet parents It is one of the most difficult but most healthy challenges that a person can undertake. The adorable munchkins are completely dependent on their humans to provide for them. Similarly, individuals compromise on different levels to ensure the care of their pets. Seeing the struggles of pet parents, a salam Firefighter started a meaningful initiative,’Bo lends.,’ to aid them in their pursuit, per ABC6. The initiative has grown over the years, with many volunteers joining in to make everything a little easier and happier for pets and their humans.

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‘Bo Lends A Paw’ is a non-profit organization operating in Salem, New Jersey And it was launched by Al Steele and his wife Tammy Steele. The name was inspired by the couple’s dog Bo, who they adopted in 2019 from the Salem County Humane Society. website. The organization aims to help families in need to breastfeed their fur babies. To do this, they set up pantries across the city where people can collect food. Their first pantry was established on June 6, 2020 and since then, they have been growing by leaps and bounds. Currently, they can set up pantry locations multiple times per month in Salem.

The inspiration behind organization Comes from an incident with Al at the grocery store. He was standing behind a woman in the checkout line when he suddenly realized he didn’t have enough money for all his items. He said that when they called him, he did not have enough money. “So, he said my cats would eat before I did.” The firefighter immediately stepped in and paid the woman. Although he felt happy that he could be of service to the woman, it also brought him face to face with the problem his city was facing. Many people were struggling to provide for their pets.

He immediately called his wife and the two planned a pet pantry to help such individuals. It took him a year to realize that dream, but his dedication eventually put him on the map. Now, they are a regular presence in churches, fire departments and other community areas where people can easily access their services. “We have, you know, donation boxes around town and a lot of local businesses are helping us out,” Tammy said. “And people came up to us and said, hey, can we get a gift at our place? And it’s really, really grown.”

The journey has not been easy by any means. During its early days, the organization operated out of a pickup truck, as reported. Sunny Skies. Seeing the impact of the initiative, the community stepped up and started contributing. The contributions enabled the organization to move to a small trailer and then many trailers. “We can help people feed their animals so they can save money and feed themselves,” Al said. On their website, they mention a drop-off site where people can contribute. This is Java Dog Coffee & Tea 198 Route 45, Mannington, NJ. People can donate things like dog food, cat food, dog treats, cat treats, toys, leashes, bowls, etc.

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