A family of beloved pet pigs drowned in floodwaters in McGirt’s Creek on Jacksonville’s Westside

Jacksonville, Fla – Alexa Lane on Jacksonville’s West Side was rebuilt after it collapsed over the weekend, and property owners said they’ve dealt with a number of problems caused by the rain, including animal damage. . McGirt’s Creek.

For the first eight weeks of Uno the pig’s life, she stayed inside and then went outside with her sister Doss. Eventually, the two grow up and live in a pig pen with their sister Reba.

Until the terrible rain storm from this past weekend.

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Kevin Switzer and his wife raise pigs on their Westside property. He said he had no idea the flood was going to be this bad.

“I put the pigs up to make sure all their food was out and I put extra hay and bedding in there. (I) was like ‘OK see you in the morning.’ Then my wife woke up and said ‘hey it’s flooding,’ and I had five pigs around a tree trying to survive,” Switzer said.

Some of the pigs survived the flood, but Uno, Dos and their sister Reba did not.

“Konikone is a pig from New Zealand. So he’s actually famous for the movie Moana. So it’s a unique pig. No one, hardly anyone has them here.” Switzer said.

The water line was still visible in his pen, which Switzer went out to explore.

“I see the water line is about 3 feet high. In some places we were looking for hogs and it was up to my chest,” Switzer said.

Switzer said he found one pig walking around, one swimming and another clinging to a fence to avoid water.

Westside resident Robert Reaper had to rebuild barriers between his property and McGurt’s Creek after the flood.

“It’s happened quite a few times in the past. I thought the Army Corps of Engineers fixed it last time, but apparently not,” Ripper said.

But sadly, the loss continues at the Switzer property. Keoni Switzer had to bury her pigs on Monday.

Some of the pigs were able to swim, but he said that when pigs grow to 200 pounds, they are too heavy to swim and the same was true of the pigs that did not survive.

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