A cooking owner with two pet beagles questions his life choices.

A social media video showing what it’s like to cook dinner with two dogs has left the internet in hysterics.

The viral clip, which has been viewed 247,000 times since it was first shared. Instagram The account @beagleskiko filmed the owner’s cooking session on January 6 and the resulting chaos. The input of his two bagels.

Viewers were shown a pair of canines named Kiki and Coco, who have enjoyed fame on the Instagram platform, and are annoying their owner. Tried cooking dog-friendly fish pies..

Both could be seen growing increasingly curious about the ingredients that were laid bare in front of them, while their owner teased them with a taste of carrot, followed by a bit of celery. In no time, the two dogs had climbed onto the dining table and taken over the cooking session, much to the laughter of online viewers.

The American Kennel Club ranks Beagles as one of the best dog breeds known to man. Such animals are known. Have fun and enjoy the company of others..

The post is captioned: “This video is getting progressively more chaotic. Dad made us a doggy fish pie! It was YUM, we demolished it in 10 seconds. Let us know if you want more of Dad’s food.” (Want to watch the bake! bagels)”

Kiki, Coco and their owners are based in the UK.

A dog is stealing food from the kitchen counter. A viral video showed how two beagles reacted to their owner cooking dinner.
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What do the comments say?

Since it was shared on the social media platform by @beagleskiko on January 6, the Instagram post has been liked by more than 247,000 users. Many netizens expressed their amusement at the viral moment in the comments section of the post.

“Double trouble,” one user wrote.

“This is outrageous,” added another, while a third commented: “I love how they act like they haven’t eaten in years.”

“We used to call our beagle ‘Garbage Courage’ because she would eat anything. She once took my grandmother’s sleeping pills and would often sneak into the garage to eat directly from her food bag. ” wrote another comment.

Fifth TikTok User wrote: “Cooking with bagels? As a bagel owner I should know. It’s called living with bagels.”

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