A cat with its toilet paper roll in a litter box wins Pet of the Week.

From a woman who paid over $1,000 to get one. Stray cat home What happened since his leave when a German short higher pointer tried. Walking in snowshoeswe’ve seen a lot of heartwarming pet moments this week.

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Photos of Buddy using his own toilet paper holder in the bathroom.

Mary Spain

This week’s Pet of the Week winner is Buddy, affectionately nicknamed “Busy Buddy” by his owner Mary Spain. Buddy lives in Illinois with Spain and her husband.

Adopted in 2021, Buddy is full of personality and has some really funny and unusual habits. But what stands out most to its owner is how to use toilet paper.

“His letterbox is in our downstairs bathroom and of course Buddy was always looking in there,” Spain said. Newsweek. “First he was taking the toilet paper off our holder β€” and no, it didn’t matter which side the roll was on β€” and he’d drag the toilet paper into his box.”

Struggling to keep track of the paper as Buddy tried his best to unroll it at any chance he got, they gave him one of their little boxes that kept the toilet paper separate. But he was not happy about it.

“I taped his own roller right on top of his box,” said the owner. “Right, he uses it frequently, using paper to cover his litter box.”

Full of personality, Buddy is a real presence in his owner’s life, and they love him dearly.

“He’s always got something new going on in his head, it’s scary,” Spain laughed. β€œHe also likes to watch westerns and movies with tanks and for some reason watches it carefully. Wuthering Heights More than half an hour.”


Chew the cat.
A picture of Chewie the cat who is full of love and affection.

Linda M

Our first finalist this week is Chevy, a 4-year-old cat who lives in Virginia with owner Linda M.

“She’s the cutest cutest kitty,” Linda said Newsweek. “She’s meowing and begging for a treat before I’m fully awake.”

Chewie was adopted by Linda and her granddaughter, and today she loves to play and throw toys in the air.

“We love how Chevy always brightens our day,” Linda said.

Lucy the dog
Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier mix Lucy who likes to bark at squirrels.

Carey Royce

Our next finalist this week is Lucy, a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier mix who lives in Buffalo, New York with owner Carrie Royce.

“He loves barking at squirrels, meeting new people, especially children, venturing into new places, and relaxing on my lap while I’m reading a book,” Royce said. Newsweek.

With a cheerful attitude and full of curiosity, Lucy often shows her owner lots of affection.

“She’s a good listener, but she can only be patient for so long. Otherwise she wants what she wants when she wants it,” Royce said.

Bubba and Squeaky
Extraordinary “besties” Lil Squeaky and Bubba.

Joseph Bogart

Last but not least this week is Squeaky the pig and Lil Bubba the parrot.

These unusual “besties” live in Texas with owner Joseph Bogert and are very curious about each other.

Parrot Bubba often lands on Squeaky as he sleeps, or stops by to say hello.

“My favorite thing about Squeaky is that he loves to go in the backyard and if you run with him,” Bogert said. Newsweek.

“After the sun goes down, Bubba becomes a chatterbox,” Bogert said. “They love to mingle.”

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