9 Pigs Rescued From Domestic Violence Need Homes The need for victims, their pets was highlighted.

SEATTLE — Nine pigs are now in care. Pasado Safe Haven After their owner escaped from a domestic violence situation.

“They were her pets and she obviously loved them and was obviously loved. They’re very social, very friendly,” Animal Cruelty Investigations and Rescue Operations at Pasado Safe Haven said. said the director.

The owner was in dire straits, needing a safe place to go, but finding a place for the nine pigs was difficult.

“During her violent relationship, her boyfriend killed one of them, broke windows, spray-painted her house, physically assaulted her and her child,” the case investigator said. sexually assaulted,” said the investigator in the case.

She called several rescues before someone gave her the contact for Pasado Safe Haven. Rescues usually take animals from animal cruelty cases to law enforcement, but when they have a room, they prefer it.

“We were trying to be as quick as possible once we realized we could take them. I would say at least 50% of my cases involved an element of domestic violence. We went through those cases. have taken horses, dogs, chickens and many different types of animals to help this person get out and stay safe,” the investigator said.

Statistics from across the country show that 71% of women in domestic violence shelters report their abusers threatening, injuring or killing their pets, and nearly half of victims leave their pets behind. Instead of living in abusive situations.

“There’s definitely a shift happening where, as a movement, domestic violence advocates and domestic violence programs really recognize how important this is,” said Elizabeth Montoya with the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. said

Montoya said the state has been working for the past decade to provide shelters that allow pets.

While emergency shelters can still be difficult to find in some areas, many in the state now allow pets and emotional support animals.

Victim advocates can also help someone get a protective order, which includes their pet, and if granted, give them legal custody of the animal.

If shelter isn’t an option, local rescues like Seattle Humane step in with temporary help.

“We have a SPOT temporary foster program where we use foster parents who are already in our existing network. You can take your pet to them, and they will stay with them for a period of 90 days. Stay tuned,” said Brandon Meeks, PR and social media specialist at Seattle Human.

The SPOT program started in 2020 and the rescue also has a pet owner assistance fund that can help.

“If you’re fleeing a domestic violence situation, we can help you find a hotel where you can keep your dogs and yourself while you can get out,” Meeks said. are not able to find stable housing,” Meeks said.

As for Pasado’s pigs, their owner is now in a safe place and will be available for adoption next week.

“Overall, they are in great physical condition. They are very social, get along with dogs, kids, adults and very cute pigs. We just want to get these animals into their perfect forever homes. I “I can tell you that she was very hopeful that they would get the homes they deserved,” said the investigator on Pasado’s case.

If you need a domestic violence shelter that allows pets, go. Safe Havens Mapping Projectwebsite and you can search by zip code and state.

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