65 Photos of Sweet Man Pets Sleeping

Do you know why we have so many photos of our pets sleeping? Because they are so cute!

If you ask friends to look at pictures of their best friends, chances are half the pictures will be of them sleeping. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that they sleep a lot. I remember as a kid, I wanted to be a dog because our dog life was the best ever! They have to run around during the day, half a popsicle for a treat in the summer (I had the other half.), and sleep whenever and wherever you want. Ah, life! My dog ​​Casco sleeps in my bed. I know not everyone is a fan, but Casco is a small dog – so that helps. She seems to love it!

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

You will see a theme with all these great images. You will say more than once,’How are they so comfortable?You will also say,How cute is that?!‘ I haven’t done the exact math, but it looks like there are more dogs in sleeping pictures than cats. There are a couple of combo pictures. I have some favorites too. Don’t tell my dog ​​that I’m looking at other pets and thinking they’re cute. I had to watch while she was busy…sleeping.

Thanks to everyone who happily shared their favorite photo of their favorite fur buddy sleeping. If you’re having a stressful day, this is a great distraction. Just pretend you’re working.

65 pictures of sleeping mini pets

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Gallery Credits: Catherine Gallagher

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